In the meantime, being the terroir oblivious of all these verbal or not so verbal conflicts between humans, it went on committing to what is its goal, giving life to its natural fruits, which in the case of Los Cerrillos, were indigenous grapes of the Tempranillo and Airen varieties, that through the years ended up being the property of Mr. Alejandro Montalvo Bustos, patriarch of the Montalvo family. It was Alejandro Montalvo, who with his own effort as tireless entrepreneur, his deep-rooted training as an industrial engineer from ICAI and his determined character to undertake large-scale projects, helped Pago los Cerrillos winery reborn under the brand of Bodegas Montalvo Wilmot, achieving then to have such characteristic winery in its rightful place in the Spanish viticultural scene.


Likewise, a few hundred kilometers away, and in a sort of parallel history, the Wilmot family, of English origin and settled in Bordeaux, was caring of the Merlot grape vineyards that a short distance from Saint Émilion and under the Denomination of Origin Fronsac were responsible of the rise of Chateau La Garde winery, that would eventually produce its Grand Vin de Bordeaux, Chateau La Garde Merlot.

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